To collect, while human, is not rational.

But by accumulating objects, that can be ordered & arranged, we hope, superstitiously, to impose order & control on at least one corner of our existence...(John Baxter)

I make individual hand built vessels in porcelain and enjoy exploring a wide range of possibilities. I find imposing my own boundaries gives material exploration a sense of focus and direction. The simplicity of a single form allows for an ongoing exploration of scale, surface and texture whilst maintaining a sense of harmony across the work.

My current work has its origins in an ongoing fascination with collecting. It is not necessarily the collected objects themselves that fascinate, but our reasons for doing so. The sense of control over our environments and emotions collecting gives us. Why we, as humans, are driven to collect. The boundaries we set ourselves in our collecting habits. Do we collect a range of different things, or lots of the same? Perfect examples only, or does everything go in the collection, even the damaged or broken?’



The thing that is really hard, and really amazing, is giving up on being perfect

and beginning the work of becoming yourself. (Anna Quindlen)